Biomanufacturing natural ingredients for a sustainable future

Harnessing the power of nature to make better ingredients

Unlocking Markets

Unlocking Markets

We create a wide range of natural ingredients to ensure a consistent and global supply for all

Nature is not limited

Nature is not limited, and neither are we.

Our advanced biomanufacturing platform accesses difficult natural ingredients



Drawing inspiration from nature delivers environmentally sustainable processes to ensure we are doing well by doing good.



Our platform unlocks access to hundreds of natural ingredients not previously available through traditional bio manufacturing.


Our Mission

Traditional chemical manufacturing is coming to an end. In the future over 60% of materials will be produced through natural biomanufacturing.

Current biomanufacturing is limited by the fermenting of cells. Cells struggle to create complex and high-value ingredients, as their byproducts are often toxic, insoluble, and too complicated. To deliver on the promise of biology, new groundbreaking tools are required to overcome these cell limitations and drive biomanufacturing into new markets.

Debut Biotech harnesses natural enzyme approaches to overcome cell limitations and provide a sustainable, low-cost, and consistent supply of natural ingredients.

About Us

Debut Biotech is dedicated to unlocking natural ingredients through sustainable biomanufacturing. We develop platform approaches with natural enzymes to overcome the limitations of fermentation.

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